234 Table 234 Table

Tables for SCP 2001

A collection of pedestal tables with various shaped tops. The junction between the column and the legs is a smooth blend made possible by a neat steel investment casting.

Aptus9782 Aptus1
Aptus9817 Aptus9814 Aptus

Exterior lighting for Paviom 2010

An exterior luminaire for perimeter lighting. The design was heavily influenced by the work of the great Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida. I love the way he cut and manipulated massive solid sections of steel. Aptus uses the same aesthetic of a cut section to create the angle between the light head and the body. Fabricated in Corten steel which changes with the weather and seems perfect for exterior lighting. On a dry sunny day the luminaire is brightly oxidised, almost orange, and on a wet day it appears dark and mellow.

Dot Cabinets Dot Cabinets Dot Cabinets Dot Cabinets Dot Cabinets Dot Cabinets

Cabinets for Punt Mobles 2010

A collection of bamboo veneered and lacquered cabinets with interchangable coloured handles. The handles are conical cuts into the door/drawer fronts. Six different colour backing discs are supplied with each door or drawer. The concept was to add some colour and allow the owner freedom to choose. Free-standing or wall mounted.

Eccentric Door Knob Eccentric Door Knob Eccentric Door Knob

Door Furniture for Ize 2009

A smooth pure cylindrical door knob which works like a lever. I was looking at this perfect cylinder and wondered how it might be able maintain the purity of its shape whilst not compromising the function. I tried moving the spindle off centre, made a model and was immediately impressed with how well it worked. It can even be operated by simply pushing down the top of the knob. Patented

Home 2 Home 1

Cabinets for Punt Mobles 1995

Cabinets with a roller door where the innovation is the knob in the centre of the door. This avoids the need to reach down to the bottom of the door. Once the knob is lifted to the top, the bottom edge comes to within easy reach to allow the door to open fully.

Influence Shelving Influence Shelving Influence Shelving Influence Shelving

Shelving and Cabinets for Habitat 2003

Ultra-simple adjustable steel storage with shelves and lacquered cabinets. The design came from a realisation that by turning the supporting slotted upright to face the supporting wall and cantilevering the shelf, the fixing slots would be concealed and a very simple system could be realised. The very first version was based on just one design of upright and one type of shelf. The system has since grown to accommodate cabinets of different sizes.

River Cabinets River Cabinets

Cabinets for Punt Mobles 1989

Modular cabinets in various depths to allow fluid storage compositions to be created. This was my first design for Punt Mobles and the beginning of a long relationship.

Sax Table Sax Table Sax Table Sax Table

Sax Table
Low Table for SCP 2002

A glass two-tier low table. The lower glass shelf is the structural component which holds the chrome steel legs in position. The upper tier of glass top simply rests on the neoprene pads. Because of the weight of the glass, the small diameter pads securely grip the glass.

Stone Elements Stone Elements Stone Elements Stone Elements Stone Elements Stone Elements

Stone Elements
Exterior Benches for Marshalls 2007

Solid granite benches and seats for exterior use. Rather than try and hide the joints between the parts the design concept was to celebrate the connection through the creation of radii across all the components.

Surface Chair Surface Chair Surface Chair

Chair for Established & Sons 2008
With F1 Design Engineer John Barnard RDI

A collaboration with F1 Designer John Barnard RDI. Following the success of the Surface table we were commissioned to design a chair to complement the table. With this chair we set out to match the super slim aesthetic of the table, with slim legs connecting at the extreme thin edge of the seat shell. We wanted the back to be full as we were keen for the chair to be comfortable and ergonomic, even though this added some weight. Attaching the slender tapered legs at the extreme edge required the development of some complex carbon fibre reinforcement. We worked very closely with the composite company, who actually make the front wing for the 2011 Mclaren MP4-26 F1 car.

Surface Table Surface Table
Surface Table Surface Table Surface Table Round Surface Table Round

Surface Table, Surface Table Round
Table for Established & Sons 2007

A collaboration with F1 Design Engineer John Barnard RDI, who designed the very first carbon fibre F1 race car for McLaren. The table design began as an experimental project to exploit the unique properties of carbon fibre. Our concept was to take the design of a normal table, one with legs at each extreme corner, and to push it to the absolute. A table may be defined as a horizontal supported surface and we thought we should make it just that, a surface and not much more. The tapered legs blend smoothly into the 2mm thick wafer thin edge. Uniquely, the structural unidirectional carbon fibre is seen on the top surface. Constructed from high modulus carbon fibre formed and cured under elevated pressure and temperature in an autoclave.

Additional photography by Peer Lindgreen.

Sussex Cabinets Sussex Cabinets Sussex Cabinets Sussex Cabinets

Cabinet Collection for Punt Mobles 2000

Sussex is a collection of modular and free-standing cabinets which can be combined with wall shelves and platforms. The idea was to design a cabinet with a uniform facade, unrelated to the composition of drawers and doors. There is a black weatherboard barn near where I live in Sussex, similar to the tall fishermens' huts in Hastings. It looks beautiful, apart from a rusty steel door. It led me to thinking that it would look so much better if the door was in the same weatherboard material. Back in the design studio 'Sussex' was born.
Natural veneered oak or walnut, set on a steel frame plinth or wall-mounted.

Tactile Tactile Tactile

Cabinet Collection for Punt Mobles 2007

A cabinet with no handles; a simple touch initiates the opening of a door or a drawer. The face of the doors and drawers are set deep into the frame. The tall and slender legs emphasise the effect as they are a continuation of the frame which wraps around the cabinet. Just two contrasting materials are seen: wood for the outer embracing body and gloss for the doors and drawers.


Lighting Collection for Concord Lighting 2006

A comprehensive range of spotlights, projectors, floodlights and wallwashers with an external gearbox. The design challenge was to visually link both circular and rectangular luminaires. This was achieved by the locking bar which runs along the top of both.

Woodgate Sofa

Sofa for SCP 1995

Low profile modular sofa with plump soft feather cushions. The design is driven by the form of the seat back and arm rest which allow it to work for all possible modular layouts.